The route has been divided into six sections, which vary in terrain and difficulty – some parts can get quite muddy after periods of heavy rain. Consider printing the route before you go, as the mobile signal can be weak in some areas and it may not always be possible to view the route and maps online. See Planning a Walk for useful tips and explore food and accommodation options. Don’t forget to print your passport so you can collect all eleven specially-designed stamps on the way.


Start: West Door, Llandaff Cathedral (grid reference ST 155781, postcode CF5 2LA)
End: Windsor Road, Radyr (grid reference ST 130802, postcode CF15 8BQ)
Distance: 2.5 miles / 4km

  1. From the West Door of Llandaff Cathedral, go up the steps and turn right along the lane. Go past the white building, Prebendal House.
  2. After about 100 yards (90m) turn left along the track. After about 100 yards (90m) there is a seat cut into the wall, followed by another one.
  3. Turn left at the first sign (marked Llandaff North). A very short distance to the right you can see the Llandaff weir.
  4. After 160 yds (150m) the path turns sharply left alongside the boundary of the Llandaff Rowing Club.
  5. Turn right when you reach Bridge Road. Immediately after the turning to Llandaff Rowing Club, turn right again and follow the path along the riverbank.
  6. Continue along the path, passing two benches and returning to Bridge Road
  7. On reaching the road, turn right.
  8. Cross the road to enter Radyr Court Road. To do so safely, you can continue over the river bridge and take a set of steps to the right, leading to an underpass, or continue further and use the zebra crossing
  9. Walk along Radyr Court Road. When the road curves to the left (Gerddi Taf) after about 650 yards (600m), continue straight on, with the riverbank on your right.
  10. Continue along the road under the bridge, going slightly left up a slope. Walk up the hill past Ty Isaf. Turn right into a footpath just before the motorcycle barrier.
  11. Continue for about half a mile (500m).
  12. The path enters De Braose Close.
  13. Almost immediately, turn right up some steps (the road goes straight on) and continue straight on at the next metal gate. You will enter the Hermit Wood Local Nature Reserve.
  14. When you come to a Y-shaped junction, go left up the slope and continue left by a bench.
  15. You will come to a Radyr Woods information board. Turn right into Woodfield Avenue.
  16. At the end, cross the road (Heol Isaf) and walk up Radyr Farm Road.
  17. Continue straight for about 200 yards (180m), crossing Clos Parc Radyr.
  18. Turn right on a footpath just before a gate and stile. Cross the road, and go left along Plas-y-Mynach. Enter Llantarnum Drive and immediately turn right into Drovers Way.
  19. Follow Drovers Way until it turns sharp left and take the footpath on the right between the houses.
  20. At the end, you reach Windsor Road. Go left here to proceed to the next stage of the route.

With thanks to Janet Sully and all those who contributed to mapping the route.

Start: Windsor Road, Radyr (grid reference ST 130802, postcode CF15 8BQ)
End: A4119, Groesfaen (grid reference ST 070809, postcode CF72 8NW)
Distance: 4 miles / 6.5km

  1. Follow Windsor Road uphill to the junction with Drysgol Road.
  2. Turn left onto Drysgol Road and carry on up the hill passing Radyr Golf Club on your left.
  3. Pass two roads into Dan-y-Bryn Avenue on your right.
  4. Pass Ffordd Las on your left.
  5. Continue straight on into Bryn Derwen and then take the next turn left into Pant Tawel Lane, which crosses over the motorway.
  6. Continue straight ahead and cross a disused railway line.
  7. Continue into woodland, on the fringe of Coedcae Fawr. The road becomes a track and divides for a short distance.
  8. Take the lower track (a new higher path has been made which is drier to walk on, but if you choose to walk on the higher path, keep close to the lower track).
  9. After passing a stile on your right, the path forks. At the fork take the left-hand track.
  10. Continue uphill, straight on to emerge on to a lane.
  11. Go straight on here. There are extensive views south to the Bristol Channel and beyond.
  12. The lane descends steeply to a road junction, where you turn right on to Church Road. Keep straight on along the road, looking out for traffic until you reach Llys y Coed. If you wish to visit St Catwg's church in Pentyrch, it is further up Church Road.
  13. Otherwise, turn left along a track just after Llys y Coed and continue straight along this track, through a metal gate, to a road (Heol y Parc).
  14. Turn right up Heol y Parc past the Pentyrch village sign and go left through a gate after about 80 yards (73m).
  15. Follow a fence by a house on the right, go through a gate and descend a few steps. Continue with the fence on your right. Go straight on through a gate and uphill into a field, keeping a fence on the right. Keep straight on along the edge of the field (do NOT go through the metal gate). There is a view across to the Vale of Glamorgan.
  16. At the end of the field, go through a gate onto a road, Heol Pant-y-Gored
  17. Cross with care and go left for about 50 yards (45m). Turn into a field on the right through a kissing-gate (1, the first in a series).
  18. Head downhill, going slightly to your left, to reach a kissing gate (2) in the hedge. Go through the gate.
  19. Keep straight on, with the hedge on your right, and go through another kissing gate (3).
  20. Continue left downhill, the hedge still on your right, through a field and another kissing gate (4).
  21. Go left downhill, through another kissing gate (5) and then go straight on, with trees and a fence on the right.
  22. Go to the corner of the field, and through another kissing gate (6) behind some houses.
  23. The path bears slightly to the right, reaches a marker post on the brow and then heads downhill to reach another kissing gate (7). Continue on downhill, with bracken on each side, to a metal kissing gate (8) and a road.
  24. Turn right at the road (Heol Pant-y-Gored) – you are now approaching Creigiau – and after about 50 yards (45m) you will see a Pentyrch Circular Walk information board. Shortly beyond this is a large rock, by the Creigiau village sign, with the Recreation Ground on the right.
  25. Follow a path with a Sustrans marker between the rock and the road.
  26. Cross the entrance to the Recreation Ground and follow the track.
  27. Cross over the road to another track, which also has a Sustrans marker, and boulders either side. Follow the track.
  28. Turn left at a high green/grey fence. Turn right on to Station Road.
  29. Turn right to walk down Station Road to reach the Creigiau Inn.
  30. Cross Cardiff Road. Do not take the footpath alongside the telephone box.
  31. Walk left for about 12 yards (11m) along the pavement and then take the lane on the right along a tarmac footpath to enter a cul-de-sac (Parc-y-Coed) on the left.
  32. Walk along this road and take the first turn on the right. If you want to look at the old Castell y Mynach farmhouse (Grade 2* listed), which was associated with the pilgrims, instead of going right, continue straight on until you reach Ffordd Dinefwr. Turn right and take the second right into Maes-y-Gollen. On the right you will see the old farmhouse. Retrace your steps to Parc-y-Coed.
  33. Parc-y-Coed ends at a turning circle, but there is a footpath between the fences on the right. Follow this to emerge on a green. Pass the frog pond. Turn right on to Ffordd Dinefwr to reach Tŷ Nant Road, which runs from Groesfaen to Creigiau.
  34. Cross this road and follow the footpath (a wide track) opposite.
  35. Cross a stile and go through a gate. The ruins of Maes Mawr are ahead of you. Bear right and continue past the ruins, towards another gate with a Public Footpath sign beside it.
  36. Go through a gate and turn left into a country lane. This takes you past Redgate Terrace. Continue to reach the A4119 which runs through Groesfaen and where this section of the route ends. The Dynevor Arms is almost directly opposite with St David’s Church a little further to the left.

With thanks to Janet Sully and all those who contributed to mapping the route.

Start: A4119, Groesfaen (grid reference ST 070809, postcode CF72 8NW)
End: Bull Ring, Llantrisant (grid reference ST 047834, postcode CF72 8EB)
Distance: 3 miles / 5km

  1. If you are starting the pilgrimage route here, you may wish to visit St David’s Church in Groesfaen and see the probable base of the stone cross marking the route, which is now outside the door. Then, from the neighbouring Dynevor Arms, cross the A4119 with care to join the footpath on the east side of the main road.
  2. Turn left. Walk past Groesfaen Babell Chapel and stay on the pavement, continuing over two right turns (Y Parc and Pen y Groes).
  3. Turn right into an unnamed road, towards a house. Before the house, turn left and go through a kissing gate into a field.
  4. Follow the path along the edge of the field, close by the hedge, and go through the kissing gate near the corner of the field.
  5. Continue through the field and cross the next stile.
  6. Follow the track.
  7. Pass a pond on the left to join a track and cross a stream. Turn left at the junction near the entry to Llwynsaer Farm and follow the track to a junction.
  8. You are now close to Mwyndy Cross where there would have been a Pilgrim's Cross.
  9. After an S-bend, the track forks, creating an island. Take the right fork and continue along a lane to a T-junction. Turn right, over a cattle grid and on to a tarmac road. You will pass an old derelict house.
  10. Leave the road when it turns right and continue straight ahead onto a grassy track.
  11. After 200 yards (185m), through woods, go through a gate into the field and turn immediately left. Follow the tree line on the left and head to the stile in the bottom corner of the field. Cross the stile.
  12. Go straight ahead downhill through the field and cross the bridge over the River Clun.
  13. From the bridge follow the path straight on, through a kissing gate, and across a field for about 110 yards (100m) to another kissing gate. Emerge on to Rhiwsaeson Road.
  14. Turn right and walk along the road for about 275 yards (250m) and take the lane to the left of the drive to the house called Little Foxes.
  15. Follow this path – a sunken lane which contours around the west side of Caerau, an Iron Age hillfort. If you want to climb to the top of the hillfort, with its splendid views in all directions, go slightly right and then head on up the hill.
  16. Otherwise, when you reach a track, bear left between a barn and the farmhouse (Gwern-y-Moel Uchaf).
  17. Continue as the path turns into a wider track and then a road. Bear left along the road as it crosses the A473.
  18. Turn left along the footpath immediately after the bridge (signposted Cross Inn and Llantrisant).
  19. Continue along this Community Route.
  20. Immediately after the arch under a disused railway line, turn right and head uphill, ignoring the new path to the left. Go through the kissing gate and follow the track which bears left. Cross the opening to a track that comes in from the right and continue up the hill. The track bears right and continues to climb upwards. At the top of the incline, go through a kissing gate and follow the path left towards Old Llantrisant.
  21. The path joins a road (Erw Hir) by a Ridgeway Walk sign.
  22. Bear left and keep straight on until you come to a T-junction with the road (High Street) heading up to Old Llantrisant and beyond.
  23. Cross this road with care, turn right and after about 20 yards (18m) turn left up some steps.
  24. Follow the path through a kissing gate until you reach the railings at the base of the old Llantrisant Castle. Go up the steps to the right. You are now on Castle Green, with the ruined Raven Tower on your left.
  25. Follow the path and cross the Green, passing the stocks. The old Guildhall is on your right.
  26. Pass the Guildhall and turn right into George Street, a cobbled street, continuing down the hill to the Model House and William Price’s statue in the Bull Ring.

With thanks to Janet Sully and all those who contributed to mapping the route.

This is the end of this section of the route.

Start: Bull Ring, Llantrisant (grid reference ST 047834, postcode CF72 8EB)
End: Concorde Drive, Tonyrefail (grid reference ST 019788, postcode CF35 8NE)
Distance: 5 miles / 8km

N.B. There are temporary problems with the old railway track. At Step 10, enter the railway track but look for a broken stump on your right after half a mile with a short path to a stile. Cross the stile. Turn left, stay close to the boundary. Cross the next stile. Head for a patch of
tarmac and some containers. As you get closer, you’ll see the way onto a farm road. Follow the farm road till you reach a gate with a smaller gate, that takes you on to the road. Turn left. Cross the stream. Continue from Step 11.

  1. From William Price’s statue in the Bull Ring bear left and cross Swan Street.
  2. Continue downhill along Heol-y-Sarn to reach Llantrisant Common and cross the cattle grid.
  3. Take the right-hand fork (a narrow, metalled road) across the Common. Follow this for just over a mile (1.8 km) until you reach an old boundary stone on your left.
  4. Turn left over the bridge and cross the stream. (Alternatively, to avoid the stream, do not turn left at the boundary stone but continue along the road until you reach the junction by Castellau Independent Chapel, turning left on to Heol Ddu and re-joining the route at point 6). Head straight on up the track to the pylon and continue to the corner of the field. Turn right and follow the field boundary climbing slightly.
  5. When the opportunity arises, go left through a gate across a field towards another gate (note this area is under development, so fences and gates may differ). Go through the gate and with the wooden fence line on your left continue ahead to reach a gate in the left-hand corner of the field, and emerge onto a country road.
  6. Turn left on to the road (Heol Ddu), looking out for traffic.
  7. Pass the Countryman Inn on your left.
  8. After about 220 yards (200m) turn right along the lane marked Treferig Cottage Farm and Treferig Isha Farm. Treferig is the site of the former 19th Century Quaker Meeting House. Follow the lane to the stone bridge.
  9. Go over this and immediately cross the stile on your left. Do not take the track to the left just beyond the stile.
  10. Join an old railway track alongside a stream (Nant Muchudd) and continue along this until it reaches a road. Turn left.
  11. After about a quarter of a mile (400m), cross a stile by a gate on the right. Turn immediately left and follow the path, with the trees on your left. Cross over a lane (stiles on each side) and continue along a gravel track. Oaklands is on your left.
  12. Cross another stile by a gate and continue straight on to another gate, where you meet Llantrisant Road. Immediately to the left you can see a stone tablet, dated 1909. This marks the spot where King Edward II is said to have been captured in 1326.
  13. Turn right and follow the road through the hamlet of Pant-y-Brâd (Hollow of Treason).
  14. After passing three large houses at the end of the hamlet, turn right down a track. Keep straight on, cross a stream and pass through double gates and approach Treboeth Farm.
  15. Pass the large house on your right. Pass by a gate at the rear of the house, cross a bridge over the stream and go through another gate. Turn right uphill.
  16. After about 30 yards (27m) turn left over a stile. Follow the path to the end, passing through a green kissing gate.
  17. Go right and soon meet a paved path. Keeping the green railings on your right, follow this path up some steps as far as lamppost 59. Turn left along the short lane between houses. At the junction, go right up the hill and follow the road to a grassy bank on your right, just after the last house.
  18. If you wish to stop at Tonyrefail, continue along Investiture Place (which becomes Concorde Drive) to the main road for buses. To reach the town centre, walk down the hill. The first turn right will take you into a pedestrianised road that leads into High Street and the town centre.

With thanks to Janet Sully and all those who contributed to mapping the route.

Start: Concorde Drive, Tonyrefail (grid reference ST 019788, postcode CF35 8NE)
End: Dinas Rhondda station (grid reference ST 006919, postcode CF40 2PJ)
Distance: 3 miles / 5km

  1. Go up a short grassy bank on the north side of Concorde Drive just before some houses (with a sign marked 4-6 Concorde Drive) and pass through a green metal gate in a fence.
  2. Join a tarmac track and go right. Follow this as it bends left for about 350 yards (320m) until you see a path branching off to the left. Continue along this path, going north-west, until you meet another, and branch right. You will see some white houses at Trebanog in the distance.
  3. Continue along this path, taking a left fork where it divides, with bracken on each side. Bearing right at any forks, follow this path until it begins to climb to the right. At this point fork left along a narrower track to reach the end of a cul-de-sac and houses (Pen-y- Dre). At the end, you will see Waun Wen Community Centre, almost opposite.
  4. If you do not stop at the Community Centre, turn left, passing a General Stores, and follow the road (Rhiwgarn Road) downhill to the A4233 and the Trebanog Arms. If you do visit the Community Centre, turn right to reach the A4233.
  5. Cross this main road and go straight on along Brocks Terrace. Turn right by a bus stop after about 200 yards (180m) up Trem-y-Glyn.
  6. Take the first left and go straight on to the Common, climbing steadily uphill. Keep to the main path, ignoring the fork right downhill.
  7. Cross the fence by a stile immediately to the left of a gate and bear right downhill for about 85 yards (80m) to cross a stile over the fence immediately in front of you.
  8. From this position, you will see in the distance a post on the brow of the hill in a northerly direction. Set a course in this direction. Continue downhill, cross a water course and climb the hill opposite in the direction of the marker post.
  9. When you reach the post, you will see Dinas and a large cemetery on the hillside ahead of you. Bear slightly left and head downhill. You will see a wire fence ahead of you. Continue downhill towards this and then keep the fence on your left, though you will need to deviate right briefly to avoid bracken.
  10. Cross a stile to join a sunken lane and follow this, passing through a gate as you proceed downhill. You will pass a ruin and beehives to your left.
  11. At the bottom of the hill, the path turns left and you follow this over the stream until you reach a gate, with a main track coming in from the left. Head straight on here. The track passes a smallholding and other old farm buildings and becomes a paved road (Graig Ddu Road).
  12. After about a quarter of a mile (400m) you can either take a right fork along a short lane through trees to the A4058 Dinas Road or continue along the road to reach it.
  13. Turn left, cross the main road and go down the steps immediately after a block of flats. Turn left and follow the path with the river on your right.
  14. When the path reaches the road, turn right and cross the bridge over the river to Trealaw, taking care because of traffic. Dinas Station is along the lane to your right immediately after the bridge.

With thanks to Janet Sully and all those who contributed to mapping the route.

Start: Dinas Rhondda station (grid reference ST 006919, postcode CF40 2PJ)
End: Our Lady of Penrhys (grid reference ST 002946, postcode CF43 3PT)
Distance: 2.5 miles / 4km

  1. If starting from Dinas Station, turn left to reach the bridge. Go up the path to the right of Ty Lily Mia Guest House (opposite the bridge across the river). This path, which soon becomes stepped, leads to a road (Bryn Dinas View). Keep going straight on up to a main road.
  2. Cross this road (A4058, Brithweunydd Road) and continue uphill along Nile Road. You will pass a small general stores (Park Stores) on the left after about 50 yards (45m). At the top you will see the gates to Garth Park.
  3. Do not enter the park but instead take the lane to the right (marked Garth Farm Private Road) and follow it uphill around the edge of the park, keeping the green fence on your left.
  4. At the junction, go straight up the steps on a very narrow footpath opposite, to the left of Tyddwyn bungalow. Cross the stile into the field and walk uphill, with the wall on your left.
  5. At the top left of the field, cross a stile and follow the track to the right around the edge of the golf course. Soon after passing a mast on your right, you meet a wider track. All the climbing is now behind you!
  6. Turn left onto the track, which is the old parish road. You will see the Old Smokey slagheap near Tylorstown to your right, also known as Llanwonno Tip or Tylorstown Tip.
  7. After following the track along the ridge (and by a golf course, so look out for flying golf balls) for about 700 yards (650m), you pass a triangulation point on your right. This shows that you are 357 yards (327m) above sea level. There are tremendous views to your left, looking down over Llwynypia and beyond, and back towards Dinas and the route you have taken.
  8. In the distance you can see Penrhys, with the statue of Mary the Virgin just visible in front. With binoculars it is also possible to spot the top of the holy well slightly downhill to the left. After walking about a mile (1.6 km) along the track, fork right onto a grass track immediately after the sub-station to the statue. You have reached your destination!
  9. To visit the holy well (Ffynnon Mair), go downhill from the statue, passing the man-made semi-circular amphitheatre in the hillside, to a minor road. Cross the road and follow the footpath (signposted) downhill to reach a track. Turn right and follow the track to the well.
  10. To enter the Penrhys Estate, where there is a shop, a fish and chip shop and a community cafe at Llanfair Uniting Church (not open every day), cross to the other side of the roundabout and follow a footpath up the hill until you can see community facilities on your right. There is an open invitation to walkers to call into the church if it is open to rest awhile. When you've reached the Statue of Our Lady and taken in the views, you may find you need a toilet. If you walk up the hill into the estate you will find a shop called Woodys. If you ask in the shop, they will contact Llanfair Church, which is a stone's throw away, and someone will open the church facilities for you.

With thanks to Janet Sully and all those who contributed to mapping the route.

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Penrhys is an island at the forest's edge 
With consecrated bread and holy water

by Gwilym Tew circa 1470

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