Planning a Walk

The route has been divided into six sections, which vary in terrain and difficulty – some parts can get quite muddy after periods of heavy rain. Each section can be walked separately, or the route could be walked as a whole. This makes the perfect pilgrimage for a long weekend or a short holiday break as it would take two days. Consider printing the route before you go, as the mobile signal can be weak in some areas and it may not always be possible to view the route and maps online. There are places of interest close to the way which you might like to explore during your visit. Don’t forget to print your passport and collect the special stamps as you go!


We recommend booking overnight accommodation in advance. Wild camping is not normally permissible in Wales and facilities for camping along the route are limited.


Wear good quality boots and carry waterproof clothing with you. On sunny days, wear a hat. In the colder months, wear a warm jacket, a hat, and gloves and consider gaiters if it is really cold. You may also want to consider taking a walking stick or poles.

First Aid Kit

Carry a small first aid kit in a waterproof cover. Contents should include paracetamol and/or ibuprofen, plasters for minor cuts and abrasions, a small selection of sterile dressings for wounds, antiseptic cream, antiseptic wipes, tweezers and scissors.

Lyme Disease

We are not aware of any cases of Lyme Disease in the areas near to the Penrhys Pilgrimage Way. However, we recommend that you wear long trousers and stay wherever possible in the middle of the Way in grassy stretches. For further information about Lyme’s Disease, please visit the NHS website.

Pilgrim Passports

Passports are available to print as a souvenir of your walk.


If you intend to walk the route in two days, your rucksack should have a waterproof cover or liner. Changes of clothing can be carried in waterproof stuff bags inside the rucksack. If you intend to walk the route in sections, a smaller backpack will be sufficient.


Tell somebody where you are going and roughly what time you expect to arrive. Phone them when you arrive at your destination. Ensure you have set up emergency features on your mobile. The What3Words app provides your location for emergency services within three metres.


In the summer you may wish to take a high-factor sun cream and insect repellent.


Take water with you. You can buy ‘camels’ where the water bag fits into the back of your rucksack and you can sip water as you walk. There are many opportunities to buy water at shops in villages and towns along the route, or you can download the Refill Cymru app to find free sources of drinking water.

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Penrhys is an island at the forest's edge 
With consecrated bread and holy water

by Gwilym Tew circa 1470

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